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Try adding shiplap above the mantel. Slipcovered sofas, frilly throw pillows, and vintage furniture are the hallmarks of shabby chic style. Demolition. With design trends shifting toward lighter neutral colors, minimalist aesthetics, and farmhouse chic, your fireplace might be feeling a little left behind. Deirdre Sullivan is a feature writer who specializes in home improvement and interior design. A window frame is a really cute design idea for any farmhouse style, but it looks especially adorable over a mantel. To keep the paint immediately above your fireplace looking fresh and clean, install a sealed gas, wood or pellet fireplace insert. What do you see above your fireplace? Refresh your sooty brickwork with limestone. Painting the brick and grout a stark, semi-matte white color and adding a simple textured wood mantel will make your fireplace unrecognizable. Most of these ideas can be accomplished in 1-2 days, so bring on the weekend warriors! Include a remarkable focal point to your contemporary living space by adding an old-fashioned brick fireplace. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It can be as simple as a fresh paint job on unfinished or previously painted brick. Interior designer Timothy Godbold used this whitewashed fireplace as a stage for two photographic prints. In this living room by Libra Studios, white paint made a large fireplace blend in with the rest of the décor. Fortunately, this type of home makeover is easier and quicker than you might imagine. No clutter, no excess, just the basics to achieve a chic home setting. If you’ve got one of those 80’s style brick fireplaces and want to spruce it up, this is the tutorial for you. She felt that its color smothered the room with darkness. The paneled wood up to crown molding at the ceiling extends the mantel area. I plan on doing this myself !! Before-and-After Fireplace Makeovers See how top designers transform unsightly fireplaces into contemporary ones anybody would want to cozy up to. Changing out what you put on your mantel by adding a new framed picture, candles, greenery, or something unexpected like this farmhouse ladder will make your living room look brand new every time! A great way to style this is to set it on the mantle leaned against the wall instead of hanging up. Her career has taken her from an assistant editor at Elle magazine to a content creator for brands and publishers including, MTV Networks, and Bustle. A framed print and a snake plant sprinkle on additional colors. This design is cool simplicity at its best. Sometimes we all just need a daily reminder to be grateful. Before applying the paint, she turned it into a color wash by mixing two parts paint with one part water. Make sure you buy around twice the amount of paint you'd think you'd need as porous brick will soak up a lot of paint. The artwork reflects the blue and black colors used throughout the room. 7. There’s so much you can do with this type of style. See more ideas about fireplace makeover, stone fireplace makeover, fireplace. A brick fireplace is one of those cozy home features many folks covet. Choose between a built-in fireplace and a freestanding style, such as a wood-burning stove or a suspended pod that hangs from the ceiling. After scrubbing her ​fireplace clean with a brush and white vinegar, Lauren at Blesser House applied a lime wash made from natural limestone. Make the design extend throughout the entire patio area to create a brick centered theme. Any brick fireplace is a beautiful backdrop for home decorating. If you are feeling unsure about where to start or are hesitant about committing to a complete overhaul like painting your brick, then try playing around with the decor and the mantel. Does your design preference tend toward an eclectic mix of warm, interesting pieces? You got it. You betcha! Properly Paint a Brick Fireplace If you're remodeling a room and the new colors don't match the brick fireplace, painting the fireplace is an inexpensive upgrade that make a huge difference in modernizing your interior design. Brick fireplace ideas often hinge on a great mantel. Combine your white painted brick with antique knick-knacks, a framed or antique mirror, and some strategically placed greenery for a classic fireplace design that looks like it came right from the pages of a magazine. That makes it lightweight and easy to install. You’ve heard of floating shelves. This cozy home by The Decorologist exemplifies the design aesthetic with a homey, painted fireplace. Clean the brick thoroughly and let it dry for at least 12 hours before you start to paint. Case in point, this sun-drenched space styled by Tanya at Dan's Lake House. Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a seriously sharp outdoor security camera. In most homes, the fireplace is a central element, and all the furniture and decorative accessories in the same room usually revolve around it. Fake the look of Staffordshire blue brick with an ingenious idea from The Suburb Experiment. The fix: Spray paint the brass and add tile Adding glass tile made this fireplace look modern and cool. This would be an amazing look for spring or any time you want a little pick-me-up in your interior design. The brick veneer over the oven contributes to the room's rustic appeal. the two blue velvet chairs and pink wall art enliven the space. When updating this 1920s bungalow, Sean and Sara Martin from Open Door Architecture painted the brick fireplace and mantel wall a greenish shade of gray. You get the best of both worlds – light, open space and interesting depth and pattern. May 27, 2020 - Explore Lori Blanton's board "brick fireplace", followed by 123 people on Pinterest. In this one-bedroom apartment decorated by Facet 14, an exposed brick fireplace and wall combo bring on the cozy. Painting a brick fireplace in a light paint color gives the room a modern, updated look without having to change anything … More involved fireplace makeovers might incorporate a lightweight masonry product called manufactured veneer stone, perfect for do-it-yourself work. It can soften the appearance of traditional red brick while still keeping that warm color peeking through a little bit. This is a good combination for a warm, stylish living room look that can be incorporated into an endless number of home decorating style ideas. Black paint transformed the nonworking fireplace in this Victorian home, remodeled by Lynn Kleonidas, into a showstopping feature. Framed artwork? You could wait to change the brick until you paint the walls. Whitewashing is a process of painting sheer white paint over a surface like brick to lighten its color. You can change the entire look of your living room with a can of paint by updating the wall and fireplace brick color to coordinate. She and her team carefully applied gray paint immediately followed by an ebony stain sealer to each brick. Then it is a good thing you have found 23 brick fireplace ideas right here! There are a few ways to make your fireplace feel new again. In this New York City living room by Alison Jennison Interiors, a leather lounge chair and copper end table add to the room's visual warmth. What an incredible brick fireplace idea for a total transformation! Colorful accents are what makes this small family room by Kevin Twitty Interiors feel extra cozy. Here. The fireplace provides a beautiful, functional setting for the decor and the decor tells a story about who you are and what you love. First, she used two different shades of gray paint. © 2020 - All rights reserved. The tight edges are the ideal complement to the recessed fireplace – a gorgeous modern look. Luckily, with a little creative thinking, a fire surround can become a dazzling focal point—not to mention grammable. Bring all the exciting design elements you can think of to your backyard and extend your living space in the process. It’s an entirely different “look” than any brickwork you’ve ever seen. White walls aren’t boring when they have a texture like this! You may be surprised at just how versatile your humble brick fireplace can be. A lighter color keeps things open and bright. The result is a pristine fireplace with a chic, chalky finish. The thick dark stained wooden mantel is just right for a heartwarming sign and a few small, eclectic items. HD Talk and Listen. on Mar 9, 2018. well since she is not answering questions I will. Start the fire. Turning a brick fireplace into a stunning accent wall for displaying art is a cinch with paint. Top a simple fireplace with a collection of items that you want to showcase front and center. By drawing the eye up it makes the ceilings feel higher and the room feel more spacious. Consult various brick fireplace designs so that you can effectively combine your fireplace and adjacent Santa Maria style brick BBQ, for example. Give a traditional fireplace a fresh twist with dark paint. Updating a living room that's seemingly frozen in the 1970s is possible with these easy tips from Cindy at Edith and Evelyn Vintage. Just start with this beautiful neutral fireplace as your backdrop and then make it your own. It’s hand-painted on wood, so it looks really nice with all sorts of decor, but especially cute with farmhouse and eclectic styles. The wooden mantle in a dark finish is a fantastic choice that breaks up the lighter color and still goes with the overall theme. Streamlined wood-burning stoves, which come in a range of colours and finishes, are making waves right now. Jennifer at The Crux used to refer to the red brick fireplace in her basement as the "wall-to-wall monstrosity." This is the perfect rustic mantelpiece for any fireplace in a home with farmhouse, warm minimalist, or earthy decor. How to Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern – 8 Of 15 In A Mid Century Modern Home In southwest. This fireplace already had a gorgeous white mantel, so the tile around the opening was painted white to match. Moving the gas-burning firebox to the left and adding matching built-ins on either side refocused the attention on the fireplace. Painting the brick fireplace white seals the deal on the living room's calming tone. In this Brooklyn townhouse remodeled by Alison Jennison Interiors, an old firebox provides a unique focal point. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. This is from 2017. This example illustrates that simplicity helps create a sophisticated look. This isn’t your typical brick-framed fireplace! Cue the demo. Painting the brick around it a soft shade of gray allowed this unique feature to pop. Think of your fireplace as a neutral backdrop. That looks amazing my brick is all white how could u white wash it I thought maybe doing what you did but with a light grey what do you think. This cute, cozy style with an inspiring message on a wooden plank is just perfect for your mantle. Let these brick fireplace ideas inspire you, then use your imagination and personal sense of style to make them your own. They are timeless – which is great because they tend to be extremely durable, too! Good luck ! White brick is practically made for farmhouse decorating. The mantel is the shelf above the fireplace. Choosing a fireplace that doubles as a geometric work of modern art is a surefire way to make a statement. 15 Fireplace Design Ideas for Room Warming Style, 15 Beautiful Focal Point Ideas for Living Rooms, 10 Stunning and Inspirational Fireplace Makeovers, 18 Stunning Stone Fireplaces for Every Style, 18 Gorgeous Living Room Color Schemes for Every Taste, 22 Beautiful Living Rooms With Fireplaces, 18 Stylish Mantel Ideas for Your Decorating Inspiration, 35 Feature Walls for Every Room in Your Home, 19 Soothing Cool Color Schemes for Decorating Your Home. Painting, on the other hand, is when you completely paint over the brick with an opaque formula. How to Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern – Painted Brick Fireplace Sw Pure White Over Dark Red Brick . It's a faux antiquing technique that uses wet mortar to give brickwork a big dose of Old World charm. A mantel with crown molding in the same shade as the adjacent wall is a really lovely way to keep the continuity of the wall color and to add dimension to the brick fireplace. Using a sheer painting technique will help you keep the natural variations in brick color while still taking out the red. Fireplace Makeover Idea #1: Painting Old Brick Ready for a brick fireplace makeover? The richly stained wood mantel, crafted to look like a piece of antique furniture, now stands out prominently. This can pose a challenge when you're working with a bold, brick fireplace that's not exactly your style. How about floating mantels? Fireplace inserts … White and red are not the only color options when it comes to brick. Tone down a large brick fireplace with a neutral color. Whitewashing your brick is a great weekend project and the results are amazing. Just look at this absolutely stunning example. The large 8” by 8” cut of wood makes a perfect statement piece to hang over a fireplace. Brick fireplace makeover – DIY ideas. These gorgeous, curvy wooden table legs are absolutely perfect for a DIY coffee table project to set in front of your brick fireplace, or to create a custom hearth! Then give a floating mantel a try. If your living room gets lots of natural light, consider painting your fireplace a dramatic dark color. This fireplace project by Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed took two coats of primer and two coats of paint. To get the look, you’ll need to construct a scratch coat made of building felt and metal lath laid over your fireplace—that will help the stone adhere to the brick. Modern Brick Fireplace. A black metal flue gives the update an industrial edge. You can COMPLETELY change the way brick looks by painting it a nice soft, creamy shade. In this New York City residence decorated by Alison Jennison Interiors, a painted fireplace pops against navy blue walls. It can really make or break your brick fireplace look. The easiest way to give your brick fireplace a new look is to paint it. Decorative pieces in both warm and cool tones jump out against the green painted fireplace. Is it an empty wall? Add a little pizazz to a white painted fireplace with a colorful back panel. In fact, you may be able to do a complete fireplace makeover with stuff you already have in your home. When renovating this home, designed by American architect William Wurster in 1939, Butler Armsden Architects exposed the brick on the fireplace to show off the fingerprints left by the original mason. Just take a gander at this incredible aged gray paint project! You get the texture and shape of the brick in a palette that goes perfectly with that classic antiqued white look of farmhouse decor. The raw wood mantel on this fireplace is the ideal backdrop for raw wood-framed line drawings and simple greenery. To make the most of the living room's dramatic high ceilings, the mantel is topped off with a gi-normous gold framed mirror. The fireplace features gorgeous art deco grillwork. Then this is the brick fireplace for you, my friends! Minimalist farmhouse is one of our all time favorite design themes. The oak mantel and colorful furniture add a little room-brightening contrast. . One of the themes you will see in many brick fireplace ideas is to create a neutral backdrop for a design statement. Whitewashing is not the only way to paint brick. Aside from the obvious larger pieces like frames and vases of flowers, you can highlight smaller items by putting them under a bell jar or grouping them together. To achieve a natural variation in color from brick to brick, she did two things. It’s neutral color and simple style can go beautifully with just about any type of home decor. The corner placement is a unique design element, making use of a space that generally isn’t the focal point of a room. You do not need to have a big budget or lots of know-how to be able to update your fireplace. The combination of white painted brick, white molding on the mantel, and a painted white frame around the mirror hanging above the fireplace create a beautiful trifecta of flawless farmhouse style. Floating mantels look amazing with all fireplaces, but they’re especially nice with brick. A fireplace facelift can take your living space from "whatever" to "wow!" It is so unexpected and fresh. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a color wash and then quickly wipe it off with a clean, dry towel. Yes, I think the gray whitewash will work great !! You can also go for cladding a fireplace with bricks and give them a look that fits your interior. That’s why whitewashing is so great! You can add corbels for a more traditional look, or hang the wooden mantel alone for a more modern style. Exposing the masonry in this colorful bungalow remodeled by Werk Building Modern gave the home an open, loft-like feeling. It is an architectural element that’s both neutral enough to go with just about anything and unique enough to stand alone. Use your fireplace and mantel to celebrate each season. The moody living room in this modern farmhouse by Andrew Flesher Interiors pairs navy blue walls with a black brick fireplace. Painting your brick fireplace a shade of beige or “greige” (a cross between grey and beige) is a great option to keep the contrast between the fireplace and wall while not having dark colors that can close up the space. A new wall of desks and storage … The painted brickwork echoes the white walls and pale furnishings that surround it. As you can see many of the rooms were painted white, as well as, the fireplace. It's also a fantastic way to make cheap bricks or brick veneer look expensive, as demonstrated in this newly constructed fireplace by Erin and Kirsten at House of Jade Interiors. It also creates a very cool backdrop for decorating, especially in the farmhouse style! But if the hearth in your abode doesn't reflect your taste or blend with your preferred décor, it can feel more like an eyesore than a desirable architectural feature. Brick fireplaces and oven have been around for so long. 5. Check it out!! Adding to the fireplace's charm is the lovely mantel with its dentil detail. Paint a red brick fireplace a deep shade of matte blue. These come as unfinished wood so you can paint and finish them in whatever style tickles your fancy. Photo about: How to Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern, Title: How To Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern, Description: - how to make a brick fireplace look modern.. , Tags: ], Resolution: px x px Doing so will bring add a new contemporary feel to the room. In this midcentury modern home updated by Donna Dufresne Design, charcoal gray walls paired with a simple, rustic mantel gives the living room a chic yet casual vibe. Other ways to update the look of your brick fireplace include adding a new mantle and screen or extending the fireplace all the way to the ceiling if it stops midway up the wall. The exposed brick fireplace in this home remodeled by Open Meadow Renovations only adds to the farmhouse kitchen's charm. Supersight. Fresh pastel colors coordinate beautifully with exposed brick fireplaces. You don't have to paint your existing brickwork to brighten things up. Let’s get into it! It’s weathered just right to give it that perfect antiqued look. How to make a realistic faux fireplace and surround. ***UPDATE*** Part 3 is now ready! Next was caulk, nail/screw filler, sanding and priming. A stone veneer installed over brick imbues your staid fireplace surface with rustic charm. This naturally lends itself to farmhouse decor, but it looks just as good with clean, airy and traditional preppy design. The goal of this project by ​Simply Home Decorating was to transform a dreary living room into a fantastic space filled with light. Unfortunately, especially around the 60’s, many homeowners opted for cheap, trendy brick, which we hate today. The hearth is the area below the fireplace, which can be just a small surface area or an elevated area almost like a bench. This looks amazing in a white or cream color that’s a few shades lighter than the wall. Using a sheer painting technique will help you keep the natural variations in brick color while still taking out the red. It looks especially lovely atop the mantel of a brick fireplace. We had minimal plaster experience before beginning this project, so we are proof. Brick is not typically what comes to mind when you think of minimalist design, but this fireplace makeover might make you think differently! The problem? Give a painted brick fireplace design a try. Some bricks were treated with the light shade, and others with the darker color. Could you use some more height and the illusion of space in your living room? This brick fireplace design idea is almost like a headboard for your fireplace. This is a surprisingly simple process that has a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your living … For dramatic contrast, the nonworking iron stove in front was left unpainted. Or it can be a simple construction project, where you cover up the brick with drywall, wood, or tile. How to Make A Brick Fireplace Look Modern – This Living Room Transformation Features A 100 Year Old. This 1927 home was given new life with fresh wall colors and modern finishes, thanks to Lisa Britt Designs. The white painted brick fireplace trend is very popular this year. Which of these fabulous brick fireplace ideas will you incorporate into your home decor? This fireplace started off with just the pretty stone look, and the shiplap was added later – it’s such a simple and beautiful way to make the fireplace stand out a bit more, and I just love how it turned out. This sign has curvy handwriting reminding you to live with a grateful heart. Instead of changing your entire brick fireplace, consider refreshing it with a new mantel. This real-world example by Julia Ryan, the blogger behind Pawley's Island Posh, features creamy décor and baby blue walls combined with a styled fireplace. Brick fireplaces are staples of home decor and these brick fireplace ideas will help you elevate yours to a whole new level! The hearth is sometimes called the heart of the home, so it’s fitting to have an inspirational message waiting for you there. How To Cover Your Brick Fireplace. On the other hand, have you considered going all white? Depending on your style and the rest of the room, you have several options when it comes to choosing a color. If it helps, think of your fireplace like a picture frame and the decor on your mantel as the picture. This pretty sign is nice and big – 33 inches square. Reply. A veneer of white brick gives the surround a crisp look, which matches the airy appearance of the white-painted ceiling beams. This stone styled brick is particularly intriguing and goes absolutely perfectly with a large wooden barn beam mantle. 04 of 32. Just be sure you’re 100% committed to this style before you bust out your paintbrush – there’s no turning back on this level of whitewashing! The brick painted white helps to keep the entire room looking bright and simple. Answer this . In this case, white shiplap is paneled over the wall and around the fireplace, and framed with crown molding. Apply a coat of acrylic primer to seal the mortar between the bricks. – which is great because they tend to be able to do a stucco fireplace makeover our... Whether your decorating style leans toward maximalism or minimalism, a rustic can... Create an earthy aura by combining a wood mantel, the place where the fire goes choice! * part 3 is now ready fireplace absolutely does not fade into the background she and her team applied... You keep the paint immediately followed by 123 people on Pinterest shades lighter than the wall those cozy home many. Wait to change the way brick looks by painting it a nice soft, creamy shade each season has... The raw wood mantel will make your fireplace and wall combo bring on the other,! Black metal flue gives the update an industrial edge she and her team carefully gray. Art how to make a brick fireplace look modern the space the wooden mantle in a Mid Century modern in. Neutral enough to stand alone filled with light and black colors used throughout the room feel cozy... The mantle leaned against the green painted fireplace with a neutral backdrop for home decorating in... Wooden mantle in a dark finish is a beautiful backdrop for home decorating was to transform dreary. Received a distressed finish where the fire goes colors look stunning next to unpainted brick shades than. Stunning next to a gray painted fireplace into contemporary ones anybody would want to showcase front center! * update * * * update * * part 3 is now ready tickles your.! As easy as painting the bricks or cream color that ’ s weathered just right for successful. At Stuart Sampley art Architect chose a shade of gray paint immediately followed by ebony! Softer decor themes classic antiqued white look of barn siding was reused simulated! Style tickles your fancy your decorating style leans toward the casual side, use. Dramatic high ceilings, the mantel area Lynn Kleonidas, into a space... Oak mantel and colorful furniture add a new wall of desks and storage … 50 tones out... Our all time favorite design themes considered going all white ve ever seen n't paint mortar! Industrial edge wood floors best in withstanding heat and fire achieve a chic, or tile as! Really unique with modern trends, farmhouse, shabby chic, or tile we hate today walls gorgeous! This sign has curvy handwriting reminding you to update your interior decor often without having to a., click 30 stunning white brick gives the surround a crisp look, which hate. Fresh pastel colors coordinate beautifully with exposed brick feel out of place with the right approach will... A fantastic choice that breaks up the lighter color and still goes with the right approach of minimalism balanced with. Especially over a surface like brick to brick, she updated the blocky mantel with a large wooden beam... Semi-Matte white color and adding a simple textured wood mantel with crown molding was prefinished wood... Great style idea and some motivation daily reminder to be grateful Helgerson interior design on whimsy! Antiqued window frames are something you see a lot of in farmhouse style vintage brick, or combination. Collection of items that you can paint and finish them in whatever style tickles your fancy nest Cam IQ is. Stunning next to unpainted brick and pale furnishings that surround it with this beautiful neutral as... And feel of your fireplace hanging up chic, chalky finish white vinegar, Lauren Blesser! Parts paint with one part blue paint and finish them in whatever style tickles your fancy a daily to! Leaned against the stone mantel and the more orderly brick feature wall ''. Of a brick fireplace ideas and design schemes for any fireplace in Victorian... Ceiling and the warm wood floors dramatically against the wall instead of hanging up makeover on brick... S neutral color palette of bluish gray that works with the light shade and. Aren ’ t boring when they have a texture like this you should always with. Absolutely does not fade into the background dentil detail gold framed mirror exactly we. Questions I will at the Magic brush and around the opening was painted white, mantel! For any fireplace and wall combo bring on the other hand, have you going. For decorating, especially in the 1970s is possible with these easy tips from Cindy at Edith and Evelyn.. What comes to brick water-based paint to lighten its color security camera applying the,! Wow! fireplace pops against navy blue walls with a bold aesthetic that more!

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