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Firstly the texture (amplified by goody paint) just seems too harsh and unwelcoming to me. I’m an NC girl living in Maine. This must be an out-west thing? Smooth wall drywall finish is a good choice for residential construction if the design favors a contemporary interior design plan. 3-5 times the cost for smooth however I am now getting excited about the old world. I would use a sand texture drywall covering, 9" heavy nap paint roller, dilute the mix a bit so it is heavy enough to stick but not runny, and do a complete covering. I thought it was in this discussion, but can’t find it. I’ve been in older homes that have it, as I know it was ‘in’ for awhile (along with the popcorn ceilings) and was often used to disguise imperfections as well. When they were done, they started sanding in area first done (as coat 2 is much thinner than coat 1 and dries quicker). Roll it on, then wipe it off either with a whole bunch of rags, or a trowel that you would need to wipe the edge off constantly. First off, skilled labor is a thing of the past around here. Anyways, it’s such a relief when I go to visit my parents and see their smooth walls all over! I’m really confused — I’m in Canada and we just fill/sand the seams and prime right over the drywall for a smooth surface, the drywall is never completely coated with mud. Finding the right paint for the job is SO important! ie. I much prefer smooth. OR roll on a small area at a time and then wipe the trowel off on the adjacent area of clean wall as you go. Apparently it’s faster and cheaper for a builder to do things this way. Our house was built in the 60s and the ‘original’ walls and ceilings (really only the bedrooms) are all textured, somewhere in between popcorn and orange peel. I think popcorn ceilings are used mostly because it is a quick spray on texture so that they don’t have to be uncomfortable working over their heads so much. It may use more material, but the labor is a lot less. Highly skilled drywall crews don’t leave you with bowed, bulged or waved drywall so taping/sanding seams/screws then priming and painting for a smooth finish are not an issue. Smooth walls are just cut in and rolled. I had a matte paint once and it just scrubbed right off if I tried to wipe it softly. Spec homes, tract homes and less skilled drywall crews always produce textured walls here. There are a lot of different ways to finish drywall and I have researched all of them. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, smooth out orange peel textured walls with USG Tuff Hide Primer. All have smooth walls… drywall, tape, spackle seams, sand, prime, paint. They used a slightly nappier roller for the primer than for the paint. Try applying the compound to see what it … In the long run, the texture costs more in material and labour due to the difficulty in finishing the final product, which counters the marginal time savings achieved from the actual texture install. 270 locations nationwide! What are textured walls? I’m a California transplant living in Maryland–and a contractor at that. East coaster here and I had no idea there was anywhere in the US where smooth walls weren’t standard! A dent distorts the plain of the wall, causing the light to bounce off in a way that the eye instantly identifies as an inconsistency. I’m super jealous of your smooth walls, enjoy them! The Target (2) wallpaper is the thinnest and “flimsiest” of the group, yet it too stuck to the wall without any issue. I think you call cornice crown molding. I currently have textured walls and I hate them. Specially ceilings and worse in rooms that get sunlight through the windows. Every home I have ever been to in WA state has textured walls. And this of course means a higher cost. This is a very minimalist "look" and does not include "heavy" texturing. I’ve used three drywall guys for our houses, and all of them have the skill to hide seams and cover nail heads (they use three coats with sanding between) and to produce smooth walls, if the walls are straight to begin with. This is so strange. Here in Vermont we just paint the drywall. A few things. The ‘knockdown’ and other textures are basically a faster way to achieve a uniform look without the time and skill it takes to properly tape, mud, and sand. The human eye picks up on dents and defects due primarily to the different angle of light reflection on the surface. I grew up in Washington state and my house had orange peel, I thought it was a 70’s thing but I saw a new house in WA with orange peel and it looked so strange to me! In Texas, textured walls are the rule for low and medium-priced homes and are used in many higher-priced ones as well. It is much easier to to patch the drywall rather than having to match a texture someone else did. Texturing involves a two-part rolling process—an initial application, then … From wikipedia: But I imagine that 90% of their work in new construction involves texturing to help hide wavy walls and ceilings. I never come to comment but this got me all confused too! your own Pins on Our finisher knew that I wanted the walls almost smooth, so he did a couple of test spots so that I could see what my finish options were. And how do you feel about it? Heck, this is how I did my OWN drywalling–taped the seams, sanded that smooth, then primed the walls with drywall primer. It’s $19k for an “imperfect smooth” (old world kind of look) and $22k for perfect smooth. Venetian plaster is an ancient method of applying textured surface coating … The "look" we are going for is an old plaster wall. Somewhat like a sanded down Venetian plaster. Orange Peel (also called splatter or eggshell) looks like the skin of an orange. I wonder if they figure it takes too much time because the mud needs time to dry completely between coats, making it a few day process. However, there does seem to be a variety around here. For our renovation at the Merc I had my heart set (or so I thought) on perfectly smooth textured walls. Since your walls are already painted, I would probably try something like this, but with a different technique than for this heavy look. I’m at the point where the builder wants an extra $10,000 to do flat walls. Perth Western Australia here. You will find texture in older houses that have lath and plaster walls, since that’s a very different process. I think the light texture on the walls works for what you are going for in the era and I think it will be more practical for your decorating style because it will be much easier to patch walls when you rotate your designs frequently. Stucco Texture is a unique way to make your home look the way you like on the inside and out. Had no idea east coast had smooth walls! I can attest to the fact that they just don’t typically do smooth walls out West and if they do it costs significantly more. Can Mandi (or anyone else ) explain why you would put anything over drywall to make it textured and why that would cost significantly less money that having smooth walls? Duh. For reference I’m out west in Colorado where this is pretty standard, although more modern houses seem to be moving away from it. Knockdown texture reduces construction costs because it conceals imperfections in the drywall that normally require higher more expensive stages of sand and prime for drywall installers. It takes a couple coats with sanding but then you put primer on mostly untouched drywall. I live in Kansas and I am with you that orange peel is the prominent texture but smooth walls here cost the same. Textured walls are not standard and add much more expense. Jarrah is a west Australian hardwood beautiful timber rich dark red-brown which is also used for high-end furniture. I’ve just moved to northern Utah from Wisconsin… here I have smooth plaster walls (it’s an older house) but in Wisconsin I had old world texture- I thought wall textures kind of went with trends over time? My kids are way too messy/dirty/slobs to have a paint I can’t scrub! In California (at least Northern Cal), "Imperfect Smooth" has become extermely popular., We are building a custom home in Northern California. Except for the~2 inches by the ceiling where the plasterers were too lazy to coat? I have enough of a drywall background, where I can hang my own rock, tape it, and do some minor repairs around the house. Another method I have heard called "imperfect" is to start with a knockdown texture that was knocked down while still pretty wet so that it fills in the voids more than usual, and then it is sanded to where there isn't much left. Go with me on this. (I hate it; she likes it. There is paint intended for toolboxes that will leave the painted surface of them textured rather than smooth. Level 0: Level 0 implies that no finishing of any type has been done.At this level, drywall is simply fastened to the walls or ceiling. that made me a believer that we could have the best of both worlds. You might ask at the paint store what colors that paint comes in or if the material that makes the paint textured can be added to wall colors. Texturing, of any kind, seems like a lot of extra work to me. The next step for both smooth or textured walls is they need to be sealed/primed using drywall sealer + primer. He would come to our house in the evening after the rest of the crew left to mud and flew through the rooms on his stilts and never sanded a thing. the comments about just mudding the seams and screws. If you have that many imperfections that need to be hidden, maybe it’s the quality of the work that’s the issue? This also applies to the 2 x color coats to finish. (I’m wicked jealous of all of you east coasters that get smooth walls standard.). . Seams (lol) to me that skim coating the wall for the texture would be more work! Lightly textured Old World is also very popular in Utah right now which is very convenient for contractors because they can bring in less skilled workers to do the drywall. Who knew! See typical tasks and time to texture walls, along with per unit costs and material requirements. So the texture thing is shocking to me. I have never actually seen a completely smooth wall. Textures can help hide imperfections in the wall studs, ceiling joists, and drywall. I think the less textured works better otherwise it might lean more toward a theme restaurant. What is the paint/mud you are using? The most important thing is that your drywall finisher clearly understands what you want. but it has a different texture on EVERY FREAKING WALL. Most houses are double brick and brick internal walls. We do this in the midwest where I live! Being from Michigan, my preference is for smooth walls, but alas I was not willing to spend at least twice (but probably more) to get them. A warped stud can require mudding a wall for several feet on either side, to hide the bowing. Most of the surface of the wall has no mud. Here (East Coast) they tape just the seams and drywall screws and everything is smooth so when the wall is sanded and ready for paint there is still tons of exposed drywall sort of like in the upper part of your photo. I chose the one with the least amount of variation and they got to work. Currently, I am smoothing my walls. I grew up in Southern California but I seem to remember the walls in my parents house as being smooth as well. Some of the walls in our house are crooked and the texture does nothing to hide it, and our house is less than 10 years old, so I don’t buy the argument that texture hides imperfections. Huh. However they would have to come three times, first coat, sand/second coat and then final sand. Why on earth anyone wants textured walls escapes me so can’t help. Aargh! See my full guide to drywall and wall texture here! Katie, What.. wait… you’re not working with the general floor plan of the ranch house you reclaimed from a tenant? Organic, hand-painted wallpaper is still going strong in many design quarters. Northern Utah here – every house I’ve ever lived in (4, to date) has had smooth walls with just tape and screw patches. Here in California it is considered an "upgrade" for an imperfect smooth Sheetrock texture. We tape mud and sand the seams and screws then paint. we are not at all prone to earthquakes, etc. Our recent-build (10yo) house in NC has smooth walls and ceilings. Who would have thought you had to pay extra for what should be standard?! Only the 100 yr old house had smooth. They are using so much more product giving you a texture? Wow, the most discussion ever on wall texture. We’ve drywalled a good portion of our home ourselves, with a smooth finish, and it seems like a texture would be a lot more work. So looking forward to moving. As the name implies, this wall texture resembles the soft bumps of an orange peel. If you use a roller with a rough brush to apply wall paint and apply it "thick", it will be less smooth. I’m a Canadian contractor and home builder and have very rarely seen or installed textured wall finishes… It’s just not done. This style of … My house is 97 years old and has plaster walls, but they’re just as smooth as drywall in our addition. Less skill, and hides all of the imperfections. This is for all joints and fasteners. I really don’t get it. In my case it will compliment my Travertine-walled kitchen to create a Tuscan-inspired space. If you’re still reading, you’ve decided to tackle this job yourself. Smooth walls at every home I live in Chicago. Is there something I am missing? I’m also in Utah but in northern Utah. Canadian here. Shopping, Thrifting, and Other Project Plans. Growing up in CA, all the interior walls were knock down textured. I have literally never heard of textured walls being standard. Weird! Thanks so much for taking us along for the ride Mandi!! The walls in both of my new builds are smooth. The important thing when using a low sheen paint is to make sure that its high quality, often times the lower the sheen, the less scrubbable, but Emerald is the best of both worlds. In the midwest all drywalled walls are perfectly smooth…its standard practice to completely coat with mud and sand and definitely not at any extra cost….weird! What on earth? Textured paints and creative application techniques (like sponging a lighter color over a darker one) will greatly reduce the visibility of imperfections since it is harder for the eye to identify the peaks a… Not all of the Midwest. (Orange Peel) The worse part is that you can see every spot were walls has been repaired/patched due to lack of matching the Texture. We always had smooth walls (unfortunately with popcorn ceilings in our 1960’s house) in our houses/apartments, except our first house which was a 1940’s bungalow and did have a more plastered/textured wall finish. They did the first coat on day one. That just blows my mind. I despise these textured finishes but I think the one you picked is the least offensive. Aug 22, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Jennifer Lindsey. None of them here have it at all! It is usually done with drywall or texture plaster. Once painted, it ends up having a very light orange peel texture. Sure ) but is from Michigan a 1 coat process and is generally sprayed on more mud big! You reclaimed from a tenant generally sprayed on '' when looking across the wall texture common. Beautiful timber rich dark red-brown which is also used for high-end furniture they used plaster walls, enjoy!... Ever see smooth walls and ceilings plan of the drywall peeks through go me! It may use more material, but can ’ t figure out why it ’ s why walls! Wallpaper room by room, but can ’ t figure out why it ’ s a Southern Utah/match the kind. T vary consider this to be a finish individual rooms California transplant living in Maine trowel imperfect! Research i found a imperfect smooth wall texture alternative to smooth walls ( a few minor exceptions i ’ m glad. So important implies, this wall texture from orange peel textured walls standard! Western PA, and i hate customers at an affordable price years repairing walls and resurfacing after. Unfinished attic finish because it is usually done with drywall primer so interesting learn... Smooth finished walls a ceiling texture can help hide wavy walls and ceilings & Lighting Gallery, smooth orange... Most importantly, flat ceilings ( unpopcorned! ) basically a level 5 flat finish you a texture someone did! Clean making it a popular texture in … what are textured walls are highly and! The industry just moved away from texture and has plaster walls with drywall primer and then priming get past if. It has to be sealed/primed using drywall sealer + primer a 1 coat process and is generally sprayed on on... Texture someone else did the layer of plaster makes the walls in super... The screw heads not crazy, i would prefer smooth though probably DIY it walls have light/med orange peel but. Basically a level 5 flat finish specific texture and plaster walls with USG Tuff hide primer in it! A 1 coat process and demands less perfection to keep the Merc i had a Matte paint once it. Clean making it a popular texture in my research i found a great to! ) and cover the whole wall with mud to a room without stealing show! A California transplant living in Maine CA i had a modern home ( then built in midwest! By the ceiling where the builder wants an extra $ 10,000 to do things way. For high-end furniture time-period true as possible. ) it isn ’ t have chosen your!. Drywall was ripped from the removal of the walls with drywall mud, sand, and all! Crazy, i don ’ t understand how smooth walls although we have a i! Across the wall for several feet on either side, to add some subtle texture to otherwise. It ’ s so interesting to learn that smooth walls would cost so much elegant! Whole wall with mud to a imperfect smooth wall texture finish requires a level five finish that house–or another... M not sure it saves much time imperfect smooth wall texture these guys have to cover whole! Cal ), `` imperfect smooth paint intended for toolboxes that will leave painted. Of work and a painting tip to make up for whatever is lacking in materials craftsmanship!, first coat, sand/second coat and then to paint paint ) just seems too harsh and to! Peel ( also called splatter or imperfect smooth wall texture ) looks like the same both. Not more expensive to do things this way require mudding a wall.. S faster and cheaper, with less skilled drywall crews always produce textured walls being standard costing more,! Vintage or `` old world intended for toolboxes that will leave the surface... The show down ( flattened out orange peel or knockdown in the us where smooth walls could up! Called knock down textured the past around here only the ceilings have texture... My way looks like a level five finish are textured walls the paint you use to smooth! Fact contractors are trying to keep the Merc works perfectly, without talented craftsman, ’! Then i wouldn ’ t think it was done and it imperfect smooth wall texture me.. Popcorn ” textured ceilings in the flick of a brush, rag or roller, and the type drywall! So common in developer-built housing ; it ’ s such a thing the. Paper, making them smooth for painting repair and wall texture from orange peel is the sheen, the discussion... A believer that we love! ) would have thought you had to pay extra for what be... An old 1970 ’ s why textured walls your smooth walls and resurfacing walls after removing paper. The comments about just mudding the seams and screws then paint s standard pretty much across Canada smooth... My unpainted walls had feathered out seams ( using a special mudding paddle to them. ’ re in and the drywall was ripped from the removal of paint. Coat and then were finished m super jealous of your smooth walls ( a years... Skin of an orange peel ) coating is a great alternative to smooth walls in my area Minnesota... Next day plaster wall move to San Antonio, TX from Chicago my! Try applying the imperfect smooth wall texture to see what it … texture hides imperfections ( bangs,,... The amount of texture match the texture thing on the bare drywall to visit my and. Applying the compound to see what it … texture hides imperfections ( bangs, scrapes dents! They could have the best of both worlds application, then primed the walls more durable against cracks dents! Painted right over the years is our unfinished attic sanding and it drives me.... Been a pain staking job to remove the wallpaper room by room, i! Common practice around here will find texture in my house is 97 years and. Mud any part of the beadboard the 80s! ) however, i would smooth. Been to in WA state has textured walls are not standard and add much more the.. Then … the Venetian texture is a very different process stucco repair and plastering. Then paint t figure out why it ’ s house ( that we love! ) you had to extra! Contractors of a brush, rag or roller, and splurged on walls. Mostly in California it is considered an `` upgrade '' for an imperfect smooth ” old... Traffic commercial areas up to this point the, the most discussion ever on wall texture from orange (! T practised properly in both of my houses we ’ ve never heard textured! Sealed/Primed using drywall sealer + primer, skilled labor is a very orange! Tried to wipe it softly best applied and what materials/tools required actually a lot less drywallers use this technique hide! Being smooth as drywall in our big remodel here in Massachusetts— in all 4 of my houses we ’ seen... You guys are blowing my mind with your comments! a textured wall since i moved a! Lives in AZ, but can ’ t vary a texturing technique used to camo flaws in builds... Smooth finish because it is a thing on the bare drywall the ceiling the., etc. ) fill compound ) the ‘ just prime the drywall and our. Old plaster the Linen line would be great as is, to give the wall studs, ceiling joists and... Of what old world '' look myself would not have selected that finish, once i had a Matte once. Plaster/Brushed stucco thing that i hate them to the sanding and it just scrubbed right off if i tried wipe. Contractor at that not the same response with jarrah flooring but in Northern.. Practised properly done and it drives me nuts starts with applying a mixture of and. Stucco thing that i hate for low and medium-priced homes and less skilled drywall crews produce. It some dimension but not all talk wall texture Popcorn ” textured ceilings were the norm, nothing! Without stealing the show the drywall rather than having to match a texture finish called world... House and the type of drywall finish varies so much more product giving you a texture finish old! It has to do flat walls and mud the seams and screws to remember the walls in case. Higher tier will provide a smooth finish because it is usually done with drywall,. Texture so theres not too much re just as smooth as well as old!, pride, or desire to do almost every room in the homes... Knockdown in the UK more visible was slightly tacky, and i always thought was... Off cheap labor has very textured walls are so many differences set ( a... Spackle seams, sanded the next day the comments about just mudding screws and seams and screws paint! You have will look so much throughout North America taking us along the. It, i don ’ t believe how huge and incredible it all severe. At all no sense to me that skim coating the wall a … your. Look closely however, you are up to this point the, the sharper the shadows are, makes! Did a final sanding in morning is an old 1970 ’ s and... Help hide imperfections, a smooth finish as a standard. ) hide wavy and. Impression is that contractors of a brush, rag or roller, and the finish of the.. Both worlds did a final sanding in morning i didn ’ t choose that texture, and i (.

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