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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Acne medications help clear up existing breakouts while keeping new blemishes from forming. I had terrible CCs on my forehead, PIE on my cheeks, and mild acne on my chin that just never went away so I started using Differin. A lot of guys think skin care is only necessary when they have a specific issue—acne, redness, wrinkles, or other typical skin care concerns. But remaining consistent in my routine is quickly healing and clearing my skin. ... Autistic Teen With Acne Finds Skincare Routine on Reddit. Until recently, my acne routine consisted of spironolactone (the ~miracle~ acne pill, if you ask any beauty editor) and spironolactone only. The idea is to use an active ingredient that treats breakouts. I know that there’s a purge but I’m worried the product isn’t working for me. Controlling acne relies on a two-pronged approach—a consistent daily skin care routine plus effective acne treatment medications. Reddit user Callie Ross-Smith turned to the "Skincare Addiction" sub-Reddit to help find a skincare routine for her brother with Autism. Below, their takes on Reddit’s top acne-fighting products (and how to work ‘em in to your routine next time a pimple rears its ugly head). Like you my skin has recently and very suddenly gone awry. I’ve tried to make my routine as simple as I can, but it’s never worked. Tretinoin is probably THE most popular and evidence-supported prescription retinoid (vitamin A derivative), and works as an acne treatment, for anti-aging, and a generous handful of other skin issues. Most of the people in this top 50 list used a single active ingredient; several others used a combination of therapeutic agents. I recently started using a prescription tretinoin cream, a generic version of Retin-A. While certain men’s skin care products can help with isolated issues, a daily skin care routine will prevent them in the first place. Hello everyone!! This the most important step of a skincare routine targeted towards acne. A daily skin care routine will prevent future issues. But recently, one woman shared an impressive before-and-after from just a month on a new Reddit-sourced skin-care regimen. After Years of Searching, the Skincare Routine That Finally Healed this Reddit User’s Acne-Ravaged Skin. Stubborn cases will need a prescription acne medication. I’ve had acne for as long as I can remember. If you're trying to clear up stubborn acne, patience is key, which is why most acne transformations photos span at least a few months. Affiliate Disclosure: I receive a small commission for purchases made via affiliate links.. I've struggled with acne for the past 13 years, and recently achieved really good results with the routine I have now based on information from this sub and help from my dermatologist. I have gotten asked so many times on how I cleared my skin as well as how I take off my waterproof mascara. Over-the-counter acne treatments can help with milder forms of acne. This Redditor’s Fungal Acne Routine Cleared Her Skin in Four Days Find out the Japanese and Korean skin-care products that helped clear up …

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