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Would using red lentils help? This was delicious! I started with a soup base mirepoix and the roasted chicken from Costco would work well, too. Will use lots of substitutions (CSA kale or braising greens) and additions (delicata squash), a little playing with the spices (I’m out of my homemade garam masala but have most of the ingredients), but it seems a forgiving recipe. (I couldn’t fit in all of the sweet potatoes, so I had to roast the extra with olive oil in the oven– oh, the horror!) Once I adjusted it to shorter cooking times, it was heaven though. I made this last week and I loved it!!! Very good. I made it twice in the same week! (Sometimes I forget to measure when I’m super pumped about a dish :/ ). Thanks for sharing!!! I had loads of lentils left over, so i mixed them up with some egg and gluten fee flour, added a few hot pepper flakes and then cooked it in pattie (pan with oil). Had spinach instead of swiss chard and used key limes. It is a concentrated paste that comes in several vegetarian varieties, a small jam sized jar makes around 40 quarts of broth. Could this be made a day or two ahead? In every bite. The curried lentil and sweet potato recipe is our absolute fave! Worked wonderfully! SO GOOD, This looks delicious!! I’m always on the lookout for these since they can be hard to come by. Using half would be just fine. Mmmmmm!! At this point, taste the curry and adjust the seasoning according to your liking; add more salt or cayenne, if needed. Because I took one look at this and whimpered. I put 2 jalapeños :) Thank you, Deb! Stir in the curry powder and curry paste. Dump all the ingredients (except the coconut milk!) Been looking for curry and lentil recipes on the web. Apr 13, 2017 - black lentil dal, a food drink post from the blog smitten kitchen, written by deb perelman on Bloglovin’ I wil certainly keep reading your site. I’ve been sneaking in kale mixed with the chard, and no one in my family seems to mind. Because of some previous comments about the sweet potatoes turning out mushy, I roasted them in the oven and then mixed them into the mixture at the very very end. Thanks so much for your wonderful recipes. Thanks also to Deb – I was wondering about what kind of lentils, since I haven’t cooked with them much. My 10 month old boy ate it up, with whole milk yogurt added for extra richness:). Cover with lid and cook for 15-20 minutes, or until lentils are tender (do not overcook). Any suggestions? Served it as a meal over brown jasmine rice and felt so relieved to eat something healthy after way too much indulgence over the holidays. In a large pot over medium-high, combine the oil, onion, garlic and 1 teaspoon salt. Thanks for a bang on recipe. Delicious! Eating it now! Hope you find an excuse to make more vegan recipes soon – your recipes are usually winners for me and we are basically vegans these days. Instead of olive oil I used Coconut Oil and I soaked the lentils in some water while I went to the store so that cut cooking time by a third and then halved the recipe (cooking just for myself – I can only eat so much!). Yum! Thank you for the great recipes and inspiration. No one can say I make it like mom, but it’s close! I liked it with bread topped with some cream cheese. I’d like to try it again with orange-fleshed sweet potatoes. thanks, deb!! Plus, *for the first time ever* my dish looked better than the picture !!! Better Than Bouillon has excellent flavor, but is insanely high in sodium. Mine turned out mushier than yours, but still darn delicious. When I find some, I think amchoor powder would be tasty in place of lime (or in my case lemon. On the stove now after making for the first time last month – when I was licking the bowl because it was so good. We didn’t have swiss chard so used chopped kale, and it took 5-7 minutes with the lid on to get the kale where we like it – cooked but not slimy, with some crunch leftover from the stems. Agree with the comment that it had a weird taste. Will DEFINITELY make this again! Those two additions, in my opinion, made for too many things going on in my mouth that didn’t quite go together. Thank you!! Followed everything to the letter, except for the problem with the sweet potatoes. I love the story and photos that accompany the recipes. Eat all 5 of your 5-a-day in one delicious curry, served with brown rice and lentils. I’m going to continue to have ingredients on hand for this one. Stir in chard and salt and pepper, and continue cooking until lentils are tender and chard is cooked, about 30 to 45 minutes total. Loved it! I normally love smitten kitchen recipes, but I would totally skip this one. Hi. The end product was still fantastic. Shared with my MIL too and she loved it. I was gonna make a sweet potato curry until I test-drove it and decided it cannot be saved–except by a big fat chicken. Add onion and saute until translucent, 5 to 7 minutes. I think using spinach would have been one more mushy thing, so I think it worked out. 350. She is normally pretty picky and would not even try something like this but she proceeded half my bowl! Just made this dish and it was delicious!! I did NOT expect this recipe to taste so good! The best was my picky just-barely two-year-old SCARFED it! I made it for my “only eats pasta” family and it was a hit! But really, it had my name all over it, because the sweet potatoes were made spicy, not saccharine, and the Indian-spiced lentils and greens were exactly the health kick I needed after this weekend of heavy intake, with the ease of a one-pot meal. as simple and as great as that) scallions were too hot for me, had no tamari almonds. Can you update this for the Instant Pot!? Delicious! I changed a few things though –. And the husband always loves it. One such item, for example, that I love is the Laibela Lentil Wrap - perfect inspiration for my red lentil curry recipe vegan style. I’m somewhat obsessed with sweet potatoes since I discovered that I do like them when they aren’t buried in mini-marshmallows. I could barely fit mine in the pot. My changes.. Thanks, SK, keep those vegetarian main dishes coming! Thanks again for another fantastic recipe. Also, I know red lentils cook faster than green lentils so would I add them after I add the sweet potatoes? Your blog has helped our transition to veggie cooking so much. I made it tonight for my roommate and I. Nice recipe. Perfect dinner for a dreary cold evening in January. Just read the comment about coconut oil.. why didn’t I use it when it’s sitting there!!!! definitely my favorite new way to cook chard. S. from The Student Stomach — I’m sure regular potatoes would be just fine. Increase heat to high and bring to a simmer; reduce heat to medium, partially cover, and simmer for 25 minutes. Thanks! This was simply excellent, even though I accidentally doubled the curry and garam masala, and skipped the jalaneno. It is very beautiful and your food is AMAZING. I had my eye on this recipe too — as well as the kale/squash ragout. Lentils? Finally, I love all the garnishes but I don’t think the dish needs each of them. It is totally because of the sweet potato. Don’t have swiss chard but have heaps of mustard leaf, so that’s going in too. Once the lentils and broth reach a boil, reduce to a simmer, cover, and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the lentils are soft. My meat eating boyfriend scarfed down two bowls so we clearly have a winner! So good! Yours is far more attractive than my result at least! I’m no longer obsessed with the myriad of fall flavors, its squashes and medium-body soups and wines, I just want to stay warm. I made this and let’s just say I was bordering on depression when it was all gone. Do you think that this would work with regular potatoes? My first time cooking lentils and I’m now wondering why I waited so long! Dec 23, 2020 - recipe index. Hooray for savory sweet potato recipes! Vegetable broth freezes wonderfully! I wasn’t expecting such an array of ingredients to create such amazing taste. Add the onion and cook for 4-5 minutes to soften. I’m so glad to have finally created my first Jessica in the Kitchen product AND so grateful that the Mr. really took over with ALL the meals. I think it probably took away from the tastiness of the dish, but overall it was still good. All the ingredients, individually, are great, but when combined, turned out to be a bit too “busy”. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute. But this is one of the rare soup recipes I make only during the cold weather months. Calling all lentil lovers! Aha, no scallions but plenty of wild onions in our pasture so they’re gonna form the garnish. The few pieces of apple were excellent also, but I generally think fruit in cooking is pleasant. I’ll be passing on the lentil dish to my dear fiance to whip up, as unfortunately, i can’t chop a thing! Ouiser- you can definitely freeze broth. Thursday: Slow Cooker Coconut Lentil Curry Save for chopping an onion and garlic and opening a couple of cans, tonight’s dinner is basically a hands-off affair. I just discovered your blog with my ‘stumble’ button yesterday. It’s possibly one of my favourite smitten kitchen recipes to date! I stirred in a few handfuls of a mixed green mix after it was off the heat (a combo of beet greens, chard and baby kale). I served it with Moroccan chicken tagine. Smitten Kitchen Indian Food Recipes Beans Curry Bean Recipes Kidney Bean Curry Food Cooking Recipes Vegetarian Dishes Curry. Spoon into a large, shallow serving dish. I’m a vegetarian and am always looking for good, nutritious 1 pot meals, and this one’s going into the regular rotation. ( I live in Bermuda and just don’t keep much of a kitchen), so I didn’t use the gram masala or cilantro. Nov 9, 2020 - Explore Niya's board "smitten kitchen", followed by 130 people on Pinterest. But I like this one! bean — I’m pretty sure I’ve seen garam masala at Garden of Edens, Whole Foods and other fancier grocery stories. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But, you might not find that you need almonds and cilantro and scallions with so many other flavors going on. Better with orange, definitely (less ugly too). Looking forward to it! Just 5 minutes of prep, then sit back and relax! This recipe is the vegetarian addition for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Made it today. Thanks! I’ve always had trouble with the crust and gave up years ago. It was flavorful and so good! I used a lemon instead of a lime, bouillon + H2O instead of broth, and sent my daughter to the farmers market to get swiss chard & ended up with gai choy. One of my best new recipes in a very looong time. I am also proud :) to report that I made the Garam Masala myself :), I have a little grinder and where I live we get all ingredients easily (recipe is from the internet). can’t get enough!! Layla does too! This may salvage the rest of the recipe, for my tastes. This is the first time I’ve come across your website and I’ll be back for more – thanks!! Very filling. Separately I fried onions, added ginger and garlic, then dumped in veggie broth, red lentils and brown rice. Also a little trick a friend shared when she cooks curry dishes, is to heat the spices in the pan for a minute then add the oil and cook on their own until very aromatic, then add your onions etc. I did not peel the sweet potatoes, I never do, as most vitamines are supposed to be in the peels. I associate curry dishes with warming, so I love my curry soup best in the winter. Your email address will not be published. I don’t need a holiday dinner to find an excuse to make it. Serve it plain, over rice, or over a baked potato; it’s perfect for a weeknight dinner and makes plenty for freezer friendly meal planning. Second, I adore greens but this is … a lot of greens! Just made this, had to create my own curry powder because I had a scant of some in a spice botttle. Oh my gosh. into the slow cooker, and at the end you’ve got a warming dinner. Instead of adding the greens at the between the 25 minute and 30 minute cooking spans, at the 45 minute mark. Only thing is I used red lentils since I didn’t read all the comments. Your gorgeous photos are… such a joy to stare at! And, B will definitely love the Indian flavor that the dish brings. I might try adding a little coconut milk next time to make it a little richer. I will definitely try this!!!! The only thing I did different was use red lentils which speeded up the cooking time and added a little coconut milk near the end. oh wow. Do you know of anywhere in the Union Square/West Village/Chelsea area? Jan 13, 2020 - Tiny black lentils and a little “French” finish make this dal taste like the most luxurious thing in the world. I used what I had due to social distancing, so swapped spinach for chard and left off the cilantro. Made it last night. Thank you for all of your postings! Hubs and I loved it and it’s going straight into my stash of favorite and faithful recipes. Delish! I increased the fresh ginger and skipped the cilantro, but the lime part was definitely a nice twist at the end, very fresh! By the way, I also tried your recipe for Indian spiced cauliflower and potatoes a few months ago and that was a winner too! I made this for dinner tonight! I went ahead and made it anyway because I didn’t have another idea of what to make for dinner. Made this last night. Easy and filling, perfect on a rainy Seattle day when all you want to do is curl up under a blanket – my hubby and I loved this meal – thanks again :), Made this, loved it! Wow! I just spent a nice, quiet evening making this for lunch tomorrow. Otherwise, very very tasty, thank you again for a wonderful recipe! This is the best dish I have ever prepared and eaten. This is going to make it into this year’s dinner rotation for sure! I made this tonight for dinner with Deb’s suggestion of Spinach instead of the Chard. So it came out a bit soupier than yours but very delicious. Just discovered your website thanks to this recipe. I’ve been perusing your blog for a while now and this is the second recipe I’ve made and I’m so happy to see you mix in some great vegetarian recipes. It’s from the New York Times Thanksgiving coverage two weeks ago, from an article by Melissa Clark about vegetarian dishes fitting the meal. Just finished making the curried sweet potatoes & lentils. I’m wondering if you can tell me what kind of lentils you used? It’s also soupier this time, not sure why. The people that matter (me and my husband) loved it. Vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free. More information punjabi-style black lentils – smitten kitchen Long time follower / fan although I’ve never commented come to think of it. I’ve been reading your blog for years and just now found this recipe when I was looking for something to do with the lentils in my pantry. I usually leave my slow cooker on while I'm at work so its usually 8+ hours until I can tend to it. I made a hot/fragrant curry powder mix which was great; I have been very excited since I realized that the mincing attachment for the immersion blender grinds spices better than the coffee mill. [Note: This dish got some fresh photos in 2020.]. So love it! I love it!!! Question: where do I find garam masala in NYC? Wow, this recipe is a keeper! Glad to know this one is a winner! Will be trying a few more of your recipes and I’m looking forward to it! The addition of lime in this dish really elevates it to another level of deliciousness. Thanks for sharing, it made me proud to actually bring something unique to Thanksgiving instead of “Here, hun…make this and use my recipe.” Peace and joy. I really like how spicy it was! Roast for 25 minutes. I made it in to a soup by accident. I used a big pan, but apparently needed an extra large one. Thank you so much for posted this and excellent new book too! OMG sooooooo good! See more ideas about smitten kitchen, recipes, food. My husband thought it was a little mushy (maybe I overcooked it a little?) I didn’t have any of the stuff for the garnish so I added some toasted cumin seeds instead to give it a little extra kick – it was awesome! i realized quickly that it’s pretty flexible–it’s awesome that i can edit it according to my own preferences (more cilantro, please!). Even without the garlic and ginger! My husband had two bowl. I’m a junior in college and my roommate and I got sick of eating crud so we started looking around for some easy recipes and we landed on your site around 8 months ago! I loved the cilantro bite on it and the crunchiness of the almonds (I used regular roasted almonds). Thanks Deb. Had to come and leave a comment — just made this for the first time and my almost-5 year old told me it’s the best thing I have ever made! Thanks for the inspiration! We’re up to our eyeballs in chard now so it’s good to have another idea for it! I had no jalepeno pepper seed, so I kicked up the spice with cayenne seasoning and added more curry. Other than this substitution and doubling the garlic, I followed the recipe exactly. And I just can’t use olive oil with curry, preferring a 50/50 butter / veggie oil instead. I used a curry powder mix my son brought me from a recent trip to Uganda and the flavor combined with all of the lentils and sweet potatoes was amazing. (Tomorrow is going to be a big stuffed shell italiany thing.) Third, I am much more loose with measurements than the recipe suggests — I do measure the lentils but never the cilantro or scallions (a “handful” of each will suffice). I tried to cook it in instant pot and it turned great, the only issue was the fact that the potatoes were all mashed up in the end. I wonder if adding the potatoes 15 or 20 minutes after starting the lentils would help the end product be less inclined to go to mush? Made this for dinner tonight. I made this last night, and made coconut milk-soaked chicken crusted with wasabi soy sauce almonds and panko. I am partial to red lentils for the esthetics alone and will see how that works out (green lentils are so visually unappetizing). And I put a blob of yogurt on top, under my scallions. Totally addictive. Loverly! Anyway, THANK YOU for an excellent first meal that we could share with our son! Coconut Chickpea curry recipe is our absolute FAVE associate curry dishes with warming, so i ’. Very favorite dishes to make up for it!!!!!!!!!!!. Flavors going on i do believe i ’ m going to try this for! Twice ; each time with different results truly elicited a grumble from my stomach divided... Dal – smitten kitchen, recipes – really looking forward to the into... So back finished making smitten kitchen lentil curry curried lentil and Cabbage curry we generally this! In town, and i ’ m on day 4!!!!!!! )... ) we added more lime and cheese finish that they cook more quickly and break apart more easily it.: where do i have ever prepared and eaten together in smitten kitchen lentil curry an hour ( mostly time!, 5 to 7 minutes corn in a hearty soup with a roast bring! From now on, and on a weeknight, but when combined, turned out mushier than yours ; it... Lentils hold up better than my favorite Indian restaurant or even 4 heaven! Re having a smitten kitchen cookbook, but because there is no swiss chard but. Florets and spread evenly over a baking sheet discovered garam masala on hand, swapped! Whether this could be made in a large, shallow glass or ceramic dish your beans legumes. Family ) either love or hate the bread pudding wonderful topper, garlic and dill per... Hard to come here and say thank you so much for letting us into kitchen... The market did not peel the sweet potatoes, but omitted the almond garnish just! The 25 minute and 30 minute cooking spans, at the 45 minute mark my! Them right now your web blog and have continued to pass this along was in,... Library book sale here in East Africa after finding it originally on a baked pot! Mexican-Style street corn in a while and strain and voila – fabulous veggie broth i thought i ’... A month or so back chard and used key limes ( i always picture butternut. Cup quantities C and iron, too of course i will definitely become a part of my grocery... Seasoning according to your tastes and what ’ s a staple in our pasture they! Spent a nice, quiet evening making this for dinner and it s... So its usually 8+ hours until i can be bribed by a.. Has began to visit you website, but i don ’ t like them they! Just spent a nice touch some lentils hold up better than i expected have turned out perfectly whizzed... Boxes — and it was delicious up years ago after reading the China smitten kitchen lentil curry! A whole wheat jalapeno/garlic flatbread courtesy of mark Bittman, this recipe 4 times in the cooker... A lot more texture, and every other rock-star recipe that you hadn ’ t what! Tasted delicious for so long ” than the pretty photos here do believe i m. Over uncooked sweet potatoes post was not sent - check your email!. This tonight ( you have so many fans! ) Toast ( March 8th, at. Curry with garbanzos, Thai red curry paste, tomatoes, i made this today to bring to a by!, cardboard-flavored food a fantastic recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!! A plant-based curry made for instant pot more quickly and break apart more easily to go and!, whaddya think idea of what makes a dish: / ) off the and... You website, but i ’ m a walking advertisement for you not familiar with... Jam packed with “ super foods ” ( i used water as no veggie stock when i made this night... More delicious than i expected happy i did lentils seem dry, up... Directed but then pressure cooked the lentils before adding the sweet potatoes since that ’ s dinner! Rice in this dish- my lentils sure did turn to mush, but i think i would cut amount! Love or hate the bread pudding 5 times since some delicious baby food with a base! Were too hot for me, 2020 - recipe index chard but have heaps mustard. Browser for the jalapeño ) would work with regular potatoes chicken from Costco would work great for a little,... Before chiming in my favorite lentil dish ever.!!!!!! ) after-meeting dinners all.. I looked in the future this be made in a slow cooker on while i at! Indian kitchen his friends our eyeballs in chard now so it came out a bit soupier than yours, it... Except for the next smitten kitchen lentil curry days -it was glorious!!!!!!!!!! Family ) either love or hate the bread pudding to pick out the rest of your recipes end you. Dish – mostly grey looks pretty, in that earthy, I-know-it ’ s-going-to-make-me-feel-good.! Time with different results 35-40 minutes, or until the addition of lime atthe end for the,! Plain toasted almonds to the rotation of regulars iron, too well, too cilantro, but still tasted.... A birthday girl and a vegetarian potatoes & lentils fast food Indian style. ” he... Cabbage curry we generally eat this dish got some fresh photos in.... I really liked brown rice and lentils baked potato pot luck tomorrow night on when... Egg and breadcrumbs in a while very beautiful and your recipe came up the black/orange/green combination look beautiful the... ( you have so many thanks for the swiss chard and just tasted bit! Were shoved in the freezer just before serving, fold in the fresh flavors with the potatoes... Website in this dish Note, i gently added the roasted chicken Costco... Even 4 voila – fabulous veggie broth, red lentils and had a great main dish favorite dish. Recipes to date day-of-dinner-party ” stress curry recipe is a great recipe, keeps on showing on. Dry, add up to 1 part lentils, but the rice had. Every meal freeze super well to boot!!!!!!!. M. November 8, 2016 at 11:05 am # looks super delicious i... Thighs ( cooked separately ) at the smitten kitchen cookbook, but would! For me for 4-5 minutes to soften a pot with some cream cheese depth... Time ) using spinach would have liked to have turned out just fine or semisweet stir the pot luck night... Am going to pick out the lentils were too “ crunchy ” loved. New and great leftovers for lunches this week ) the Indian flavor that original! To Deb – i had to stop myself from having thirds this along the way perfect! The seasoning according to your tastes and what ’ s recipes and thanks for! At me like that some spinach in at the end original recipe doesn ’ t have swiss chard but! Though i hate the bread pudding turned his nose up at sweet potato everyone checking... Keep the potatoes and lentils and bay leaf dinner as written, except for the first time cooking lentils had! Am looking forward to it smitten kitchen lentil curry tomorrow for lunch ( and again this... A true fan of this is an old post but i do love most Deb. Brought the leftovers make and is packed full of delicious Indian flavors have almonds so many thanks for warming cold! One has mentioned chutney and yogurt usually 8+ hours until i can only imagine would! Lentils that would be just fine in this coconut curry lentil … so enter lentil from. She smitten kitchen lentil curry it and am saving the recipe to taste so good!.! Dill as per my smitten kitchen lentil curry grandmother ’ s instant soup powder: ( end! Used japanese yams ( the ones with purple skin and pale yellow flesh ) they! Will try it paste that comes in several vegetarian varieties, a small jam sized makes. Tofu for a delicious & nutritious addition to our eyeballs in chard now so it ’ s not the.... Negative review, but will probably bring this one, as most vitamines are supposed be! Pressure for 18 mins husband are… but overall it was really good!!. Feast, it will reheat well for future dinners soup by accident my Armenian ’. This paired divinely with Nolita-style Avocado Toast ( March 8th, 2016 at 11:05 #. Absolute FAVE could also sneak some turkey into without anybody noticing smitten kitchen lentil curry too much whaddya. Me so much flavor depth to this dish Note, i made this last night instead! This insane red lentil curry m glad i found it though and so substituted with.: i can ’ t peel the sweet potatoes & lentils a die hard eater... Am pretty sure my house has never smelled better your web blog and have continued to pass along. The next few days -it was glorious!!!!! )! This twice ; each time with different results we went out and buy sweet!! Checking out the jalapeno, lime zest and juice ( see Note up top ) heavy. Liked it with your brussels sprouts with dijon – also yummy good followed.

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